Who should use this guide

This Guide is intended, for the users who have already installed, or would like to install, SafeSquid®.
It will help the users - to set-up the Proxy Server with the desired Edition, and to configure the features of SafeSquid® to make its optimum use.

This guide takes you onto the journey of knowledge, of setting up a secure Internet Proxy.
This guide intends to reduce your efforts, and helps to optimize the use of Internet Facility.

This guide illustrates all the features of SafeSquid® and their behavioral basics.
This guide should improve your understanding of - the underlying problems, your requirements, and to construct your corporate policies in order to avail the optimum out of the available resources.
To mention a few of these: Multi Proxy Setup, Profile Management, User Access Restrictions, URL Blacklists, URL Filter, DNS blacklists, Document Rewrite, Header Filtering, Caching, Cookie Filtering, Virus Scanning, Image Filtering, Mime Filtering, Log analyzers, Keyword Filtering etc.

This guide will acquaint you with the Browser based User Interface.
You will use it to configure and administer the features of SafeSquid®.

Hopefully, this guide is simple & understandable, and serves the purpose of those, wishing to gain knowledge for the optimum use of SafeSquid®.
It intends to be useful, to naïve as well as experienced technicians.

The readers of this guide are requested to report any errors and suggestions for improvement.
The readers can post their views, on the SafeSquid® forum available on the SafeSquid® website – http://www.safesquid.com/

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License