302-redirect accept accept-encoding accept-language access-control active-connections advice age allow anonymous-login anonymous-password architecture ascending backup bandwidth block block-host block-url block-website buffer-wait-time cache cache-entries cache-objects cache-refresh cache-volumes categories category client-pool compress-incoming compress-outgoing config configuration connection-pool connection-pool-size connection-pool-timeout connection-timeout content-filter cprofiles custom-html custom-message custom-template database decode-url dependencies descending disk disk-cache dll dns dnsbl dns-blacklist dns-cache dns-resolution download-buffer-size download-limit encode-url enet errors events file file-size filesystem filter filtering-sections ftp general-section glibc gui hard-disk hardware headers header-timeout host install installing interface internet internet-accelerator internet-filter keepalive-timeout kernel lan libraries linux load-settings location-header logs management md5-sum memory memory-cache microsoft mime modification-date monitor multi-threaded multi-tier network nic openssl overwrite passive-mode port prefetch prefetching protocol proxy proxy-connection proxy-hostname proxy-server ram referer request-limit requirements retrieval rule safesquid save search security server snippet software sort-field sort-order speed-limit statistics system track transactions transfer-limit trouble-shoot upload-buffer-size upload-limit url-blacklist url-filter url-redirect user-agent user-limits username wan warning web web-filter webfilter web-interface website website-category wen-interface windows x-forwarded-for-header

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