Show Headers

This section has two subsections viz. Unfiltered and Filtered. It describes the details of the client (browser) headers. Unfiltered subsection display Type and Value of the unfiltered Headers; similarly, Filtered section display Type and Value of Filtered headers.

Show Headers
Host Shows the Host Name
User-Agent The browser that is being used
Accept Shows the accepted value of the headers that are unfiltered / filtered
Accept-Language Specifies the language that is acceptable, i.e. content on pages should be displayed in specified Accept-Language. For example “en-us” specifies that all the pages should be specified in US English.
Accept –Encoding The Value of header types for which encoding should be accepted / allowed. For example: safesquid.cfg
Proxy-Connection The type of connection for the Proxy Server. For example, Keep alive value, keeps the connection alive till it is exclusively switched off.
Referer This is the address or URI (Unique Resource Identifier) of the document (or element within the document) from which, the URI in the request, was obtained.
Referrer allows a server to generate lists of back-links to documents, for interest, logging, etc. It allows bad links to be traced for maintenance.
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