Save Settings

When SafeSquid starts, it load the configuration file (config.xml) into the systems memory. When you make any changes to the rules / policies from the SafeSquid interface, these changes are made in the configuration file stored in the memory, and would get lost if SafeSquid service, or
the server, is stopped or restarted.

Use the 'Save settings' link to make the changes permanent. It copies / saves the configuration files in the memory, to the location specified in the 'Filename' field. The default path to the configuration file is /opt/safesquid/safesquid/config.xml for Linux, and C:\Program Files\SafeSquid\xml\config.xml for Windows.

On successfully coping the file to the specified location, you should get a “File saved “ message.

Web Filter Proxy Interface Screen-Shot - Save Settings

This option can also be used to take a backup of the existing config file, before you make any changes to the original file. For example, before attempting any changes to the existing configuration, you could click on 'Save settings', and backup the original file, by specifying the 'Filename' as
/opt/safesquid/safesquid/config_org.xml. This would create a backup file 'config_org.xml' in the same location. Now if anything goes wrong while making changes, you can also load config_org.xml with Load Settings option, to roll-back to the original configuration.

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