Dns Blacklist


The DNS-bl is a co-operative effort by DNS providers across the internet to deny DNS service to known spam domains. in.dnsbl.org allows making nslookup queries to identify if a particular domain has been listed for fraud, Spamming, illegal content, malware, etc.

For example, if we had to find out if somesite.example.com has been listed on dnsbl, we simply have to do an nslookup for somesite.example.com.in.dnsbl.org. If this domain is listed, the response would be one of, depending on the category under which it is listed.


Response Category UCE Fraud Spam Promo Illegal Content Pre-emptive Improper List Practices Botnet Activity / Malware


Web Filter Proxy Interface Screen-shot - DNS Blacklist

DNSBL Section

This option allows you to enable, or completely disable the DNSBL Section, irrespective of the rules defined in the section

Yes - Enable URL Blacklist Section
No - Disable URL Blacklist Section

The template to send when domain is blocked.

The domain to use for making queries. For example, the domain to use the services from dnsbl.org is in.dnsbl.org. You can also use any other service that provides similar service.

Blocked IP addresses
A comma separated list of IP addresses (or responses - see table above), from in.dnsbl.org, that you would like to block access to. For example, if you would like to block access to domains listed under "Fraud" and "Botnet Activity / Malware", type, here.

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