Active Connections

'Active connections' displays all the active connections being handled by SafeSquid® proxy server at a particular instance.

The image below shows the page that is displayed when user clicks on Active Connections link.


The 'Active connections' has two sub-sections - Transferring and Client Pool.

Transferring subsection illustrates the requests being fulfilled, at a particular instance, and the Client Pool subsection shows all the requests, that are waiting in queue, at the very same instance i.e. these are the requests which are waiting to acquire the physical connection.

Client ID Client ID is an auto generated identification number,which is generated for every request made by client.
IP IP is the IP address of the machine in the network, that made the request, to fetch the desired web page.
Requests Requests illustrate the total number of requests made by clients, which can be helpful to identify the load per requested URL/Domain.
Method Method field exhibit HTTP Methods like GET, POST and CONNECT etc.


GET: It is basically for just getting (retrieving) data.
POST: Post involves things like storing or updating data, or ordering a product, or sending E-mail.
CONNECT: CONNECT method is often used with a proxy that can change to being an Secure Sockets Layer tunnel. CONNECT is used for https requests.
URL URL field displays the current URLs, that are requested, as well as served.
Idle Idle is the field that exhibits the time, for which a request has been lying idle in the queue, waiting to get served.
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